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The Original Mystics Recordings
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Mystics Discography
By Bob Diskin

Single release (45 rpm)
As The Mystics

Hushabye/Adam and Eve Laurie 3028
Don’t Take The Stars/So Tenderly Laurie 3038
All Through The Night/I Began to Think of You Laurie 3047
White Cliffs of Dover/Blue Star Laurie 3058
Star Crossed Lovers/Goodby Mister Blues Laurie 3086

Now The Summer Is Here/Prayer To An Angel

Laurie 3104


"Extended" Mystics Family Over The Years

Jay Traynor - Lead Vocals on "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "Again" and "Blue Star"
Paul Simon aka Jerry Landis - Lead Vocals on "All Through The Night" and "I Begin To Think Of You"
Ralph Lizano - Lead Vocals and Writer of "Darling I Know Now" also Lead Vocals on "Sunday Kind Of Love"
Eddie Shots - Lead Vocals on "Goodbye Mister Blues"

Uncredited backup vocals featuring the Mystics

Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree/Sentimental Me Judy Allen Laurie 3025
Love Story/Graduation Souvenirs Scott Grant Laurie 3029
Karen/Come The Day Rusty Lane Laurie 3031
More Than Ever/Ask The Robin Don Press Laurie 3036
Come With Me Rocky Hart Cub 9052
Tommy Connie Francis MGM13237
Hand Clappin’ Time Part 1/Part 2 Pete and Vinnie Big Top 3155

The Party Starts At Nine/Summertime Girl

Tradewinds Red Bird 3155

Extended Play (45rpm)They Sang in Brooklyn Vol 2
Above EP has “Big Brown Eyes” (Overons 1958 acapella version)



Long Play Albums (33.3 rpm)
The Mystics Meet The Passions Laurie 4010
The Complete Mystics Ace 157
The Mystics Golden Classics collectables 5043
Crazy For You – The Mystics Ambient sound 37716
A Letter From The Videls
above LP has one cut (“Save A Dream”) by the Mystics
Magic Carpet 1005
A Full House  - Laurie Records
Above LP has three previously unreleased Mystics cuts
Crystal Ball 106

The Bells Are Ringing Overons 1958 with music
Prayer To An Angel Overons 1958 with music
Prayer To An Angel Overons 1958 acappella version
Why Do You Pretend Overons 1958 with music
Big Brown Eyes Overons 1958 with music
two forgotten titles Rocky Hart with the
Mystics 1959
Wim O Weh Mystics 1959
Red Red Robbin Mystics 1959
In My Faithful Heart Mystics 1959

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